Final revised GDP figures for growth in the UK are to be released late after a 'potential error' in the data led to concerns over its reliability.

Stephen Penneck, who made the announcement today said that, "It is important to ensure the national accounts are right, rather than disseminate statistics that might be subject to question over their quality."

"We are really sorry that we have had to do this and apologise for the inconvenience. we will learn from this to prevent it happening again."

The Office of National Statistics, which releases at on the economic growth was due to report its final revision for Q1 tomorrow.

The NIESR - National Institute of Economic and Social Research - had predicted a rise to 0.4 pct to match the last quarter of '09 - current figures dictate the economy has grown 0.3 pct so far for the months January to March.

The figures for Q2 are due on or around the end of July but it is unknown if they are also like to be delayed by two weeks.