Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence could have starred in Tarantino's The Hateful Eight Getty

Imagine Jennifer Lawrence in a Quentin Tarantino movie — wouldn't that be something. It looks like fans missed out watching this rather unique and interesting collaboration play out on screen in Tarantino's The Hateful Eight.

The director recently revealed that he wanted Lawrence for a role in the film and even went to meet her. Unfortunately, her super busy schedule made it impossible for her to star in the movie.

"I'm a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan," Tarantino told Entertainment Weekly. "I think I've been on record of saying that her and David O. Russell's relationship is very William Wyler-Bette Davis like, and that's a good thing to be like. And I can see her doing a good job with this role, so we went to talk about it and everything."

"She was just doing me a courtesy to see me, I think. She was doing Joy. She had to do all this publicity on the Hunger Games movies. There was just no f---ing way in the world that she was available."

The role was of Daisy Domergue, the bruised and battered fugitive whose capture brings a swarm of dangerous men to Minnie's Haberdashery — a stagecoach stopover on a mountain pass — in the midst of a whiteout blizzard. Jennifer Jason Leigh ended up playing the role. Tarantino added that even though things with Lawrence did not work out, he's glad about the final outcome.

"...I'm glad I didn't cast somebody that young. I think I absolutely positively made the right choice, as far as the ages of the characters."