RBS said that no customers would be out of pocket Reuters

RBS Group customers whose transfers were affected by a system failure that started during the night from 16 to 17 June expressed their anger with the Group's banks after some have received emails or texts saying that they will be charged for going into their overdrafts.

Wages, tax credits and benefits payments were among the 600,000 transfers that went "missing" when NatWest, RBS and other RBS Group banks experienced a technical glitch.

NatWest said on Twitter, however, that the messages are sent out automatically and that customers would not be fined over overdrafts caused by the missing payments.

The Group apologised for the inconvenience and said that all transfers should be completed by 20 June, leaving some customers without money for four days.

Customers told NatWest about their rage via Twitter and expressed their anger over the messages saying they would get fined if they did not pay their due charges as soon as possible.

RBS Group tried to resolve customer issues via webchats and customer service in the banks' branches, but a lot of customers were unhappy with the service.

Customers were especially worried about what would happen if payments to third parties would be delayed too much and people complained about delayed insurance and rent payments.

Customers lost their patience mostly because of RBS Group's rich history of system failures.