Daniel Elliot


Daniel is a business consultant and analyst, with experience working for government organisations in the UK and US. On his free time, he regularly contributes to International Business Times UK. 

Daniel Elliot

How businesses can lower costs for consumers

Transparent communication with customers about price changes and a continuous focus on cost analysis are essential components of a comprehensive strategy to lower prices during inflation while maintaining competitiveness.

Why companies employing workers in India see success

India has a large pool of highly skilled professionals in various domains, including IT, software development, engineering, finance and customer service and companies can create mutually beneficial partnerships by hiring them.

The new business hub taking shape in Europe

Businesses no longer feel compelled to rent expensive office spaces in the big cities, with large companies now needing smaller office spaces. Companies have found cheaper rent and labour in the CEE countries.

French fury over pension law is more than what it seems

France's citizens have protested for months over what appears to be the extension of the retirement age by two years. But the issue runs deeper. The public is upset at the president who they believe was voted in to do nothing.

How deforestation affects us all

By eliminating forests, we limit the number of products we can manufacture from wood. Unfortunately, one of those products is toilet paper.

The hopes and fears of AI in the workplace

While AI can automate mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on more complex tasks in the workplace, there is a real threat of AI replacing humans in addition to other concerns.

The changing world order: the actions of several countries have the potential to affect the global order

The actions and potential implications of several countries, including Russia, North Korea, China, and Iran indicates that change is occurring in these countries and their actions have the potential to affect the global order. The US has the power and capability to assist and influence events in these countries, but should do so in a way that avoids being perceived as meddling. The US should work to deter expansionist behavior by China in the Indo-Pacific region and to calm tensions with North Korea.