You don't have to lose your sleep over your vehicles' security from thefts and vandalism in the UK anymore. Rewire Security has been providing peace of mind to vehicle owners with advanced Security and GPS tracking solutions since 2012, and they have recently started providing anti-theft vehicle tracking systems with level 1 police response.

Rewire Security Offering Reliable GPS Tracking Systems
Rewire Security Offering Reliable GPS Tracking Systems in the UK Rewire Security

The company offers vehicle tracking systems for commercial and individual vehicle owners. The systems are designed to locate your motorcycles, vans, or cars in real-time, anywhere in the world. You can also monitor vehicles past journeys on the map.

The company has been in the business for more than 8 years now, and they have already catered to the needs of more than 100000 happy customers. Rewire Security has been instrumental and providing fleet management systems to more than 2000 business fleets.

Vehicle GPS Tracking Systems

Real-time tracking of vehicles allows field managers to send assistance whenever there is an emergency quickly, delivery faster, and be aware of the conditions of fleet vehicles 24/7. It also helps business managers to streamline their routing systems by dispatching the vehicles closest to the customer destination.

Private vehicle owners find this system beneficial, as it allows them to keep an eye on their family members' locations. You can also get the report on their routes and driving habits.

According to Ekim Saribardak, CTO of Rewire Security, "When it comes to Security, there is absolutely no room for complacency or compromise on quality. Our systems are tested for thousands of hours to deliver maximum peace of mind to our clients, knowing where their assets are at any given time."

They use the best quality and branded Telematics devices and tracking devices to ensure high-level security and accurate reporting.

Thatcham Approved GPS Tracking - Savings on Insurance Premiums:

When you buy the GPS solutions from Rewire Security, you can save considerably on your insurance costs. They offer GPS tracking devices that are Thatcham approved, which has become the approval standard for insurance companies.

Thatcham Approved GPS Tracking is currently the best anti-theft solution for vehicles. Insurance companies prefer them because the theft alerts are simultaneously sent to the nearest police stations.


If you wish to create virtual barriers or restrictions for your vehicles' movements, you can create geo-fence zones for giving them a virtual boundary. Whenever the vehicles move out of those geo-fence zones, you will be immediately notified on your smartphone app.

It is a handy tool for businesses to monitor their vehicles on job sites. It helps in saving money because they will have accurate reports of departure and arrival timelines.

GPS trackers from Rewire Security are compatible with all different types of vehicles. Moreover, they provide customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of their customers.

Fleet GPS tracking systems

If you are looking for the best fleet management systems in the UK, then Rewire Security is your number one choice. They provide the best solutions to streamline your fleet management and ensure that every employee is productive.

Fleet GPS tracking systems enable your company to keep accurate reports on performance, mileage, speed violations, and maintenance costs.

In addition to tracking and locating the vehicles in your fleet, your drivers will also get unique IDs that can be used in authorizing specific drivers on particular vehicles. It also allows for accurate reporting, even when they change the vehicles. You can optimize the dispatch and routes to the vehicles that are closest to the destination. This feature will help in significantly lowering the fuel prices, and also to boost customer satisfaction.

As per the statistics, well planned fleet management systems can help your company reduce 21% on fuel prices, improve productivity by 48%, decrease accident expenses by 22%, and improve the overall routing system by 45%. You can monitor the entire system from your mobile phones.