Abigael Evans (l) and Richard Tisei

Massachusetts Congressional hopeful Richard Tisei pulled a high-risk move by paying for a costly TV advert containing not a single overt electoral message.

The advert was screened near the climax of the US elections, which are dominating news coverage in America and around the world.

Republican Tiseu will contest Massachusetts' 6th congressional district with Democrat John Tierney, who has won eight elections in a row.

But instead of a vitriolic attack on his opponent, Tiseu's 30 second-long video features only a tranquil beach scene at dusk, with the sound of lapping waves. At the end, a female voice says. "Ahhh that was nice." Along the bottom of the frame runs the strapline 'Because you need a break from all the campaign ads.'

Tisei's unconventional tactic could tap into the national mood, after a video of an angry child crying became a viral hit, racking up more than 3m views in less than five days.

Little Abigael Evans, aged four, was dubbed the 'soul of America' after bursting into tears of frustration because the presidential race was not finished yet.

Her mother Elizabeth held the camera as Abigael told her she was crying "because I'm tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney." Comforted by her mother that the election would be over soon, Abigael blubs "okay."

More tears may yet be shed when the US election results are announced next week. But Abigael seemingly spoke for plenty of Americans who will be happy when it is all over.