Robin Thicke
Thicke named his latest album Paula after his wife

After Robin Thicke's estranged wife snubbed his attempts to win her back, he made the ultimate romantic gesture and named his new album Paula.

But days after the record's release, it looks like his emotional campaign has backfired because, surprisingly, nobody wants to listen to him beg for forgiveness.

You may all remember that actress Paula Patton called time on their eight-year marriage back in February after that raunchy performance with Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards and that picture of him grabbing a socialite's bottom in a club.

He has been begging her for forgiveness at every opportunity since the split and recently admitted that he became "selfish" after his controversial track Blurred Lines climbed charts across the globe.

And it looks like his career may be taking a nosedive too, because the break-up album is looking like a flop.

According to reports, the album has shifted an embarrassing 530 copies in the UK. And although he managed to sell 25,000 copies across the Atlantic, it's nothing compared to his Blurred Lines success.

The 37-year-old singer had been hoping to promote Paula during a recent Twitter Q&A but he was instead faced with the wrath of angry fans who accused him of stalking his wife and glamorising sexual and domestic violence against women with his song lyrics.

The album's reviews have not been too kind either.

"If his goal was to convince Patton that he's changed for the better, the stalker-ish You're My Fantasy makes that outcome unlikely," said Mikael Wood in the Los Angeles Times.

Entertainment Weekly's Kyle Anderson shared a similar sentiment saying: "Paula seems equally ill-suited to extending the mainstream success of Blurred Lines.

"Even when he's verbally flagellating himself, as he does on the otherwise breezy The Opposite of Me and propulsive Too Little Too Late, it's hard to shut out the music-video images of Thicke rubbing up against a parade of topless models."