Robots to create jobs for creative people
Robots will make people more imaginative and productive. Getty Images/Ethan Miller

Robots will not replace all the workers from their workplace instead they will create more jobs for creative people.

Experts from the Future Laboratory, a UK-based company that tries to predict the future, said at an event at Microsoft's London office, that artificial intelligence will operate alongside humans to "take away the grind" from work, making people more imaginative and productive, according to a posting on Microsoft's website on 14 March.

"Robots will actually create jobs because humans have unique thinking. They will take away the grind that we don't want to do. This will free us up to the imaginative stuff, the creative stuff," said Steve Tooze, special projects editor at the Future Laboratory.

One of those new jobs created by robots would be for people to share their experiences of working with robots, claim experts.

Tooze said to prepare for such roles children should be learning creative skills such as storytelling and youngsters should be able to explain ideas so they can do the same to tell how AI could benefit them.

"Students need to be able to tell a story, build narratives and see patterns," Tooze said at the event that focused on how youngsters can prepare for future workplace.

Ruth Marshall-Johnson, director of business development at the Future Laboratory, added schoolchildren "need to learn to draw on paper or use software to visualise, map and show people ideas".

The global market for intelligence machines would blossom into a $153 billion (£125bn) business over the next five years, according to Bank of America's Merrill Lynch. While many manual jobs would be at risk, people with skills in virtual reality would be in demand.