Greenpeace released footage of two activists who were granted bail on Wednesday (November 20) after being arrested by Russian coast guards during a Greenpeace protest against Arctic oil drilling.

Briton Alexandra Harris and Mannes Ubels from the Netherlands were granted bail in the city of St. Petersburg, Greenpeace said. Bail was set at 2 million roubles (£37,642).

Twenty of the 30 people detained on Sept. 18 have now been granted bail this week following criticism of Putin over what was widely seen in the West as their harsh treatment, though the others have yet to be freed. All previous bail requests had been refused.

None of those in pre-trial detention have their passports, and Greenpeace said it was not clear how much their movement would be restricted.

One of the 30 had his detention extended by three months on Monday (November 18), and all of those aboard the Arctic Sunrise icebreaker during the protest at a Russian oil rig could still face seven-year jail terms on hooliganism charges.

In a sign of an easing of their treatment, however, Russian courts granted eight activists bail on Wednesday, including the pilot of the Greenpeace icebreaker who steered the vessel to the Gazprom-owned Prirazlomnaya oil platform, where several activists tried to scale the structure.

Greenpeace says the protest was meant to draw attention to the impact of offshore Arctic drilling on the environment.

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