Russia and Ukraine both tortured their prisoners of war during the ongoing conflict between the two countries, per a recent report by the UN's Human Rights Commission.

The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) interviewed more than 100 prisoners of war for their report. It cited multiple examples wherein these prisoners were subjected to electric shocks, beatings, and forced nudity.

The interviews with Ukrainian prisoners of war were conducted after their release, as Russia did not give the commission access to its detention sites.

Matilda Bogner, head of the monitoring mission, revealed in a press briefing that a "vast majority" of Ukrainian prisoners reported being tortured. Dog attacks, mock executions, electric shocks with tasers and military phones, and sexual violence were some of the methods used for their ill-treatment.

Bogner added that one of the prisoners who was held in Ukraine's eastern Donetsk region claimed that members of Russian-affiliated armed groups "attached wires" to his genitalia and nose to give him an electric shock.

"They simply had fun and were not interested in my replies to their questions," the man claimed.

"We also documented various forms of sexual violence, such as pulling a male victim by a rope tied around his genitalia, or forced nudity combined with the threat of rape," Bogner said.

The commission found "credible allegations" of summary executions of the 175 Russian prisoners held by Ukrainian forces, according to a report in The Independent.

Russian prisoners claimed that they were packed into trucks naked, with their hands tied behind their backs. "In several cases, prisoners of war were stabbed or given electric shocks with the 'TAPik' military phone by Ukrainian law enforcement officers or military personnel guarding them," Bogner revealed during the press briefing.

Ukrainian authorities previously said they will investigate any violations and take legal action. While Russia has maintained that it did not torture any POWs.

The UN has called on both countries to "investigate and prosecute all allegations of violations."

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