Ryan Reeves, better known by his ring name Ryback, has been vocal about his anger for the WWE ever since he departed from the wrestling entertainment company in August. Ryback left WWE after a contract dispute.

However, the one superstar who Ryback has lashed out at numerous occasions is 15-time WWE Champion John Cena.

On the latest episode of Conversations with The Big Guy, the former WWE superstar slammed Cena and said he was a "poison" that has been destroying the careers of young upcoming talents.

"He's been poison to the wrestling industry...He did so much harm to new talent that was breaking out up there and I had my experiences up there. I think Hunter said 'What do I need to do and started bringing up NXT guys and protecting them.' There are so many guys there now, John can't pick his battles with one guy because there are nine other guys and he's been surpassed now. If that's what Hunter did that's genius to get rid of his Cena problem." (Via Around The Octagon)

Ryback also claimed that Cena destroyed Alex Riley's wrestling career as the former had a personal grudge.

"It's not my place to discuss this, but John [Cena] would sit there and bury Riley in front of everybody for no reason, and Alex Riley is f*****g money. He was money from day one. He would bust his a**, he had awesome theme music and he went out there and got a reaction from the people," he said. (Via SportsKeeda)

"Because of John Cena, and people I swear to god because of John Cena, his career is over in the WWE, for no reason outside of John and his personal issues."

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