Sacha Baron Cohen Oscars 2012
Sachs Baron Cohen Oscars 2012 Reuters

So finally Sacha Baron Cohen did make it to the Oscars and that too in the attire of a "dictator"... the way he wanted.

After speculations of him being banned by the Academy for aspiring to attend the Oscars in that controversial get-up, not only did Sacha attend but also made it an ocassion that not many will soon forget! The British comedian did not miss any aspect of the character he was playing. With a long beard and a proper "Hitler-like" costume, Sacha walked the red carpet.

His biggest contribution to the night's festivities, though, was the moment he contrived to pour the ashes (fake, of course!) of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il on talk show host Ryan Seacrest!

Fortunately for all concerned, Seacrest took it in good spirits... we are forced, however, to ask what Sascha got out of it?!

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