The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been the most hyped device of the year. Vodafone has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has already broken sales records, according to TechRadar. The new Galaxy S3 boasts a 4.8in HD screen and a collection of cool features which includes S Voice - a clear competitor for Apple's iPhone.

"With over a week to go until launch, it's already the most pre-ordered Android device we've brought into our smartphone line-up to date and our limited time offer of 2GB of mobile data and 100 free music tracks is being snapped up," said a spokesperson to TechRadar. "We've been really encouraged by our customer response to the Samsung Galaxy S3," he said.

Recently, the Carphone Warehouse has announced that Samsung Galaxy S3 has been the fastest selling smartphone of 2012. "The first 24 hours alone saw thousands placing their pre-order at Carphone Warehouse," said Graham Stapleton Carphone Warehouse's chief commercial officer, according to The Inquirer.

The Carphone Warehouse claims that it is the largest distributor of the smartphone in the UK and the only retailer to provide deals with all major UK mobile networks, according to Pocket-Lint. On launch day the company is expected to place the stock in its 800 plus stores. It is expected to gear up for an extremely busy launch day when the smartphone hits stores across the UK, according to Pocket-Lint.

With just a week left for the official release of the most anticipated smartphone, pre-orders have already crossed nine million. The figures seem to be huge which could help Samsung maintain its primary position in the smartphones market. The Korean giant has already become the ruler of Android smartphones in the first quarter of 2012, while it accounts for more than 40 percent of Android-based smartphone sales. Considering the pre-orders, the Samsung Galaxy S3 seems set to make a splash when compared to Galaxy S2 which notched up sales of 20 million in its first 12 months after release.

The device is expected to hit 290 carriers in 145 countries and the company is expected to churn out five million smartphones a month. The phone is expected to beat iPhone 4S in terms of pre-orders. The iPhone 4S's four million units were sold out in just three days, according to the Daily Mail.