So it's finally arrived after much fanfare and now we know what the Samsung Galaxy SIII is all about.

The South Korean tech firm has released this video walk-through of the model on You Tube so you can get a closer look. It's got a 4.8 inch HD screen, an 8 mega-pixel camera, the processing capacity's been doubled and - with its fancy new chip - it will use 20% less energy than the chip in its predecessor.

Apparently the phone's 'ergonomic features are inspired by nature' and – if you're fussed about colours – it comes in Natural White and Pebble Blue. Screen-scrolling action looks pretty fast too and here's the bit I like – you don't have to stop playing video on your phone when you get a text! Plus, since the Apple iPhone's Siri made voice recognition on smart-phones all the rage, the Galaxy SIII has got that too – it's called 'S Voice'.

The 3G version of the phone will be launched in Europe at the end of this month with Carphone Warehouse saying it'll be available across all the major UK Networks.

I'm Marverine Cole, that's all from me for now. If you're still hungry for more details on the Samsung Galaxy SIII, then click on the tab marked 'TECH' on our website: