The year of the foldable phones is upon us. The Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X have already been launched and the even more exciting Moto Razr is going to launch soon. Another device is in the works, it seems.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, which is also being called the Galaxy Tab Fold is expected to launch by IFA next year. This may be an actual practical tablet that can be folded and fit in users' pockets.

Samsung has taken a different road than Motorola, which has created a smartphone that becomes an even more compact device. Its device is more like a portable tablet. The idea is to have a clamshell shaped smartphone that turns into a tablet when opened up. The patent was first sighted by the Dutch tech website LetsGoDigital. It includes three possible designs for such a device, although only the first one seems plausible commercially.

What's the difference between the two iterations of the Galaxy Fold? While the first iteration has a fold in the middle and folds like a book, the new one folds to form a clamshell-like device. The patent doesn't show any signs of a second display, which makes it closer to the Moto Razr rather than the Samsung Galaxy Fold, first-generation. The patent describes it as a smartphone and not a tablet.

Another interesting observation is that there are no signs of a rear camera, which indicates that a famed Samsung feature – the under-display might make an appearance. It is expected to work just like the under-display fingerprint scanner on many devices, be invisible during regular use and show up when accessed. The device also has four speakers on all sides.

Samsung has been showcasing foldable displays since 2013, but a commercially viable device is yet to be seen. But the unveiling of Moto Razr has changed the game and Samsung may have to step up and launch an actual foldable in the S-series or the Note series.

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