Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is now available in the UK through online shopping websites like Carphone Warehouse, Clove, Amazon and Unlocked Mobiles. A few dealers have started selling the handset while others are taking pre-orders.

Carphone Warehouse has been spotted displaying the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active for sale along with mobile network plan updates, monthly rental plans and SIM-free plans.

The SIM-free version is priced at £529.95 with free shipping charges. The device is available on monthly rental option along with Vodafone network connection starting from £33 per month with the handset free of cost.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active on Sale (Courtesy:
Samsung Galaxy S4 Active on Sale by Carphone Warehouse (Courtesy:

The £33 per month plan comes with 600 free calling minutes to any network, unlimited texts, 500 MB internet data and 2 GB of Wi-Fi internet. The offer is valid for 24 months; in all, 26 tariff plans are available.

The network plan update starts from £37 per month for 24 months, which includes unlimited calling minutes and free texts with 1 GB of mobile data and 2 GB of Wi-Fi internet connection.

Talk Mobile also has two monthly offer plans with the Galaxy S4 Active starting from £30 per month along with the handset priced at £89. The offer provides 750 free minutes of calling to any network, 1,500 free texts and 1 GB of mobile internet data. The offer has 24 months' validity.

All plans can be viewed here.

Like Car Phone Warehouse, Unlocked Mobiles is also reported to be selling the handsets for £495 without any plans.

CNET reports that other online shopping websites have delayed the sales until next week. Amazon is to put the handset for sale from 1 August and is in the meantime, taking pre-orders for £676.

Clove and Expansys have also started the sale of the product. Expansys is only offering the urban grey colour model as of now at a price of £504.99 with free shipping, while other colours - orange flare and dive blue - are available for pre-order.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active on Sales by Clove (Courtesy:
Samsung Galaxy S4 Active on Sales by Clove (Courtesy:

Clove is offering the device at £486 (inclusive of VAT). It has started the sale of urban grey and dive blue and is taking pre-orders for orange blue.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active sports a 5in screen with full HD playback ability. The device is powered by 1.9 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor and runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean out of the box. S4 Active comes with Samsung's native TouchWiz user interface.