Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia to introduce caaravans as classrooms due to space constraints - (Reuters file photo)

Saudi Arabia's ministry of education has proposed the use of caravans as classrooms due to chronic spatial constraints in school buildings.

It is reported that the problem has been driven by chronic population growth, and exacerbated by previous governments' willingness to sell off school property. According to the Saudi Gazette, 35% of school buildings have been rented out by non-academic bodies.

However it is unclear whether the project will be effective in delivering the teaching environments the students require. Local experts are thought to be sceptical over the proposal.

Experts in the academic world have been lobbying for international firms to be brought in to run educational institutions in the country.

Schools are not the only pillars of Saudi Arabian life to be blighted by population growth. Reports suggest the increase in population has had a similarly severely effect on the health sector.