razor ramon
Scott Hall made his debut as Razor Ramon in August 1992. Youtube/WWE

Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon has called Bret Hart a selfish wrestler while talking about the title fight with The Hitman at Royal Rumble in 1993. The Hall of Famer claimed that during the fight Hart was not playing ball as he was the newly-crowned WWF champion then.

In an interview with Total Wrestling Magazine, Hall said, "I am not a Bret Hart fan. To me Bret's really selfish, if you watch, there's points in that match where I'm hitting Bret with what's regarded as a hell of a working punch."

"I'm hitting Bret and he's not even moving, he's not even registering it. It was what it was, he was the new champion and he needed a win, which he got."

Hall also said that Vince McMahon was with him all along "to direct my vignettes" as he made his debut as Razor Ramon in 1992. Hall also said McMahon "thought I was a genius" for coming up with the Scarface gimmick.

"I felt really flattered because Vince [McMahon] left TV personally to direct my vignettes, he flew with me to south beach Miami to do it. I knew things were cool and my DVD came out last July where they showed footage of Vince into the character," he said.

"He'd never seen Scarface, so when I came out doing the Scarface gimmick, he thought I was a genius, I never told him. I don't know why they don't introduce new characters with vignettes like that anymore," the wrestler added.