Respect MP George Galloway will go head-to-head with Scottish National Party (SNP) deputy first minister Nicola Sturgeon in a debate over Scottish independence after it was claimed the BBC had vetoed his participation.

Galloway had been expecting to represent the 'No' campaign on The Big, Big Debate but his appearance was thrown into doubt after Mr Galloway's spokesman said BBC chiefs "vetoed" it.

The Bradford West MP said on Twitter that the SNP had forced the BBC to rescind its invitation as Sturgeon refused to debate next Friday's referendum with him.

"I was the official 'No' spokesman on the BBC QT. Today it was rescinded. Sturgeon wouldn't appear against me. Just the facts," he told one follower.

Responding to the suggestions, a BBC Scotland spokesman said: "It's not uncommon for panel line-ups to change before such topical debates take place."

The former Labour MP was then given a reprisal and reinstated on the show's panel, but only after Sturgeon allegedly pulled out.

However, the BBC has since confirmed the two will both be panelists on the show as they look to land decisive blows in front of an audience of 16 and 17-year-old first-time voters in Glasgow.

Galloway has been touring his one-man "Just say Naw" show, an alternative anti-independence campaign, for more than a year in the build up to the referendum.

He has spoken passionately of the importance of maintaining the 300-year-old union and dismissed nationalists' claims he is a traitor.