Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has defended her decision in speaking out about the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

The 21-year-old star posted an image on Instagram which stated "It's About Humanity. Pray for Gaza."

Selena Gomez 'pray for Gaza'
Selena Gomez's 'Pray for Gaza' image she posted on Instagram

She wrote: "Please pray for those families and babies today," Gomez wrote. "Please always remember what's important in life. It's not any of this. We are here to help, inspire and love. Be that change. #wearethenextgeneration."

Despite her post receiving 525,000 likes, it was received with dismay by pro-Israeli supporters.

"You're taking advantage of your position because you are famous," one person wrote. "You don't know what's going in Israel. "You support terror, I really loved you until this moment."

Another wrote: "Do not come to Israel hate you here!!! You've lost a lot of fans stupid!".

Gomez responded to the controversy by posting another image of someone mediating on the beach adding "And of course to be clear, I am not picking any sides. I am praying for peace and humanity for all!"

Rihanna also faced backlash when she posted an image of a Palestinian and Israeli boy hugging with the caption, "Let's pray for peace and a swift end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict! Is there any hope?".

She deleted it eight minutes later after receiving criticism from fans.