Rainforest Shangri-La Eco-Resort
Rainforest Shangri-La Eco-Resort

Travelling for business or leisure in a foreign country is daunting enough in spite all the assuring and welcoming gestures as soon as you set foot at the airport's tarmac.

There is really no exact measure of preparedness as the usual barriers of language and the pangs of anxiety associated to unfamiliar grounds haunt every traveller.

To be lost amidst nameless, chaotic streets, sleepless, and unsafe in a strange city is every traveller's nightmare.

Thus, the key to making a foreign visit safer and as comfortable as possible is in choosing the hotel that you can trust.

For frequent business traveller Ron McCallister, an investment manager, getting a membership at Shangri-La's Horizon Club is just what he needs.

He knows he can fully rely on a Shangri-La Hotel whether in Manila, Philippines or in Moscow, Russia.

Usually jet-lagged and weary of the long-hauled flights, Mr. McCallister feels safe and secure in every Shangri-La Hotel that he visits in any part of the world.

"I can fully focus on my work and the business dealings when I'm at a Shangri-La Hotel. All my needs are met whether it be dry cleaning my suit or simply getting clean and safe complimentary drinking water. It is like I am at home," shares Mr. McCallister.

Mr. McCallister is one of the thousands of business travellers availing of the Horizon Club membership that allows an exclusive use of the Shangri-La Horizon Club Lounge, where business meetings can be held 24/7, while breakfasts and snacks are already part of the agenda.

A hotel that allows you to safely slumber and enjoy more of a new place could only be met by the standards set by luxury hotel chain Shangri-La.

Shangri-La Hotels firmly believes that there is no greater act of hospitality than treating a guest as no stranger but as one's own.

Shangri-La Hotel staff and managers are trained with utmost care as if hospitality had become their second nature to meet your top expectations: secured, comfortable and luxurious amenities in all its hotels, all over the world.


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