Cannabis plant
Representative image of cannabis leaves. Photo: Pixabay

A flock of sheep ate nearly 600 pounds of cannabis after they accidentally broke into a greenhouse near the town of Almyros in Thessaly, Greece.

The incident occurred when the sheep tried to escape flooding amid Storm Daniel. It came to light after the shepherd, Yannis Bourounis, noticed his sheep doing "strange things".

He told a local radio producer that the sheep were "jumping higher than goats, which never happens". The greenhouse was being used to harvest medical cannabis. Most of the crop had already been damaged.

"I don't know if it's for laughing or crying. We have the heat; we lose a lot of production. We have the floods; we lose the rest. And the best: After all this, a herd of sheep, which I don't know how to get back, entered the facility and started eating what was left," he told

The heavy rainfall that led to flooding was caused by Storm Daniel, which first hit regions of Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey, and Greece. The storm killed thousands of people in Libya.

Is cannabis legal in Greece?

Cannabis has been decriminalised for personal use in several countries, such as the Netherlands and Portugal. Greece allows cannabis use for certain medical purposes. It also allows hemp cultivation for industrial purposes.

The country used to grow and export cannabis before the substance was finally banned in 1936. Medical use of marijuana or cannabis is also legal in countries like Argentina, New Zealand, Brazil, Australia, Finland, Ecuador, Denmark, and Colombia.

It is still illegal in many Asian countries. Last year, Thailand became the first country in Asia to decriminalise cannabis and allow its cultivation and possession for medical purposes. However, the government has prohibited people from smoking it in public.

Apart from Thailand, countries where marijuana is legal for recreational use to some extent and not just decriminalised include Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, India, the USA, Canada and the Netherlands.

The rules are different from place to place, and there are lots of grey areas. For example, in Uruguay, cannabis is totally legal, and you can smoke it in the street, but in Spain, it is only legal in private spaces.

Cannabis is commonly used to treat MS in the United States in states that have legalised its use medicinally or generally. However, in the UK, the drug remains illegal.

It is a crime to possess, grow, distribute, or sell cannabis in the UK. If caught, you can face a maximum of five years in prison, an unlimited fine, or both. Medical cannabis has been legal in the country since 2018, but it is heavily regulated. Its medical use is allowed in England, Wales, and Scotland.