Lauren Silverman, Cowell Talk 100 Times a Day; Forced to Speed up Divorce Proceedings
Lauren Silverman, Cowell Talk 100 Times a Day; Forced to Speed up Divorce Proceedings/Reuters

Socialite Lauren Silverman has reportedly held a crisis meeting with her lawyers in New York in a bid to speed up divorce proceedings with her husband. This move is reportedly to avoid Simon Cowell's name being smeared in the scandal.

"She knows the longer this drags out the more damaging it is for not only her but Simon. He's had to distance himself from her while the divorce is thrashed out so the sooner that happens the ­better. All this stress is not good for someone in her condition," a source close to Lauren stated.

Meanwhile, a member of Lauren Silverman's legal team, Bernard E Clair, has asked for privacy for his client at this time. The high-profile attorney also hit out at "cheap shots" aimed at discrediting his client's reputation.

"These cheap shots aimed at Lauren and her family by people who believe they are supporting Andrew serve only to sabotage ongoing efforts to settle this matter. We and Lauren continue to be committed to resolving this matter privately and amicably," Clair stated.

Cowell is reportedly angry with Lauren and her representatives for leaking sensitive information to the press.

"Privately he has told friends he is not happy about the way in which Lauren's family are leaking information to the Press, as it is something he can't control," Cowell's friend stated.

Meanwhile, reports have emerged that the affair has been going on for four years now.

"Lauren has loved Simon forever. And they started having an affair four years ago. The relationship began as a fling, but the baby -- due in February -- changed everything. Simon and Lauren are together. They talk 100 times a day," a source close to Lauren stated.

Cowell has offered child support to the tune of £3m-a-year, which would continue till the baby reaches the legal age of adulthood in America. The £63m deal is reportedly spread over 21 years.

Silverman has filed for an at-fault divorce in a Manhattan court, naming his wife and Cowell as the offending parties.

"My top priority is protecting my seven-year-old son while working to resolve all outstanding issues with my wife. Hopefully people can respect the interest of our child during this process," he said.

According to sources, Cowell has also agreed to cover all of Mr Silverman's legal costs, which could amount to as much as £200,000, if he drops the adultery claim and accepts a simple no-contest divorce.

"Simon isn't going to dispute that he is the father but the last thing he wants is for his name and reputation to be publicly dragged through the dirt. The truth is, he doesn't yet know whether he will end up marrying Lauren somewhere down the line in years to come but, in the meantime, he wants to ensure he does the right thing for her and their baby as well as resolving this mess," sources stated.