Snooki's ex-boyfriend, Emilio Masella, has shocked fans by revealing he wants her to miscarry her first child.

Masella, who split from the Jersey Shore star whose real name is Nicole Polizzi two years ago, made the vicious slur during an interview with

He told the news website: "I hope for her sake ... not to be rude or anything ... but I hope she has a miscarriage."

Masella, whose turbulent relationship with Snooki ended after he was accused of cheating on her, said she was not ready to be a mother although she frequently spoke of wanting children when they were together.

"When I was with her, she said she wanted twins. She would always say 'Let's have twins'.

"I would def recommend her to get pregnancy test to see who the father is because I'm sure there are other subjects."

A still bitter Masella predicted the quick demise of Snooki's new relationship with Jionni, even though he said they were likely to get married.

She would "pull a Kim Kardashian [and] have the baby and break up with him right after", said Masella.