Lizzie Yarnold
Lizzie Yarnold going for gold.

Where to Watch Live:

Live coverage of Day 7 of the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 starts at 05:00 (GMT) on BBC2, red button, radio and BBC Online.


Apline Skiing (06:00 GMT) - Men's Super Combined Downhill, Men's Super Combined Slalom

Biathlon (14:00 GMT) - Women's 15km Individual

Cross Country Skiing (10:00 GMT) – Men's 15km Classic

Curling (05:00 GMT) - Men's Round Robin Session 7, Women's Round Robin Session 7, Men's Round Robin Session 8, Women's Round Robin Session 8

Figure Skating (13:00 GMT) - Mens's Free Skating

Freestyle Skiing (13L45 GMT) - Ladies Aerials Qualification 1, Ladies Aerials Qualification 2, Ladies Aerials Final 1, Ladies Aerials Final 2, Ladies Aerials Final 3

Ice Hockey (08:00 GMT) - Men's Prelim. Round Group C, Men's Prelim. Round Group B

Skeleton (12:30) - Men's Run 1, Men's Run 2, Women's Run 3, Women's Run 4,

Ski Jumping (16:45) - Men's Large Hill Ind. Trial Qualification, Men's Large Hill Ind. Qualification Round

Brits to Watch

Amanda Lightfoot (biathlon), Andrew Musgrave, Callum Smith and Andrew Young (cross country skiing), GB curling teams, Kristan Bromley, Dom Parsons, Shelley Rudman and Lizzy Yarnold (skeleton).


Touted as Britain's best hope for a gold medal prior to the Games, Lizzy Yarnold heads in tomorrow's final two runs of the skeleton event poised to realise that ambition. The 25 year-old World Cup leader clocked 58.43 and 58.46 for a combined time of 1:56.89 on Thursday's runs, 0.44 seconds ahead of Noelle Pikus-Pace with Elena Nikitina 0.55 behind in third.

Defending champion Amy Williams is confident Britain's first gold of the 2014 games is around the corner, telling BBC Sport: "I was really impressed. Lizzy showed that pure class. She was calm and confident, hammered out the start, broke the track record and just did two solid runs.

"Her lines were great, and she made the least mistakes out of everyone. On that first run she got the tension out of her body and then was solid.

"It was a joy to watch her slide. It's a very similar situation to mine four years ago. Her advantage of 0.44 secs is a big lead and will give her a chance to breathe a bit overnight.

"She will prepare in exactly the same way and won't take anything for granted and go out and show that consistency. If everyone performs as they did today she will win the gold medal.