Sony's PlayStation 5 has been eagerly anticipated for three years now. It's launch, it seems may finally be slated for the next year. A new patent has emerged showcasing what the controller for the new gaming system has in store.

A patent has been sighted in Sony's home country of Japan, which shows illustrations depicting what the new controller may look like. It is expected to build on DualShock controllers and bring out a new DualShock 5 controller. The new controller is expected to have a built-in microphone, two short joysticks on the sides and a large touchpad in the centre. It is also expected to have a better speaker compared to the previous generation.

VGC stated that it will also not have the light bar featured on the DualShock 4 model. The new controller is expected to have USB-C compatibility. It will also have improved haptic feedback and a heavier build than the previous model.

One of the new innovations in this controller is adaptive triggers, which can provide varying levels of resistance, based on in-game mechanics. For example, while pulling back bow, in a bow and arrow game, players will expect heavy resistance. While letting it go, the resistance will be less.

The company has already put out dev kits for developers to create a variety of feels on the same controllers. Developers are working on creating different experiences, for example, soggy or muddy services. The final version is expected to come with batteries, which will make the range of the game better.

PlayStation 5 is expected to have many new features including 8K gaming graphics and support for a next-gen VR headset. The device is expected to also expected to have disc-based compatibility, although that seems to be an outdated feature with the currently available tech.

The hope is that it will launch by the next holiday season.

Sony reveals new PlayStation 5 details
Sony's new PlayStation 5 console make players feel closer to the action of games, the company said AFP / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU