George Papadopoulos
The other George Papadopoulos is not having the best day George Papadopoulos/Twitter

George Papadopoulos has been having a rough day. No, not that one.

On social networks like Twitter, it's not always easy having the same name as a high-profile individual who suddenly becomes the focus of intense global news coverage.

Just ask George Papadopoulos – the independent financial planner based in Michigan, not the freshly-indicted 30-year-old ex-adviser to Donald Trump.

"For the nth time, I am NOT Trump's foreign policy adviser! I have NO association with the Trump camp! NONE!" Papadopoulos tweeted Monday (30 October), hours after it emerged that the former Trump campaign official had admitted lying to FBI investigators.

Responding to a barrage of comments as his post was quickly going viral, the still-free Papadopoulos responded, saying "I can assure you I had way better mornings in my life than this one."

He added: "First time I saw the indicted face of George, I had a feeling that this day will come."

Of course, social media revelled in his unfortunate predicament, with messages ranging from openly supportive to rather tongue-in-cheek.

Many commenters posted links to the other men and women with names best-known for other reasons – from John Lewis to Mike Pence.

"George Papadopoulos is to Greeks what John Smith is to the English. Leave this George alone!" one person pleaded. Another decided to analyse the commonality of the name, writing: "Americans have no clue that George Papadopoulos is the equivalent of John Smith in Greek names."

"Spare a thought for Scotland's @stevebannon," a third commenter added.

At least financial planner Papadopoulos appeared to see the funny side of things as the day went on. "Been kind of surreal today. Trying to have some fun with it," he tweeted.

The more famous Papadopoulos arguably had a worse day.

It emerged that he had been arrested by US law enforcement for "wilfully and knowingly" making a "materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statement" to FBI agents. It followed the newly-unsealed indictment of Paul Manafort, another ex-Trump adviser detained Monday.