Star Wars Headphones SMS Audio

SMS Audio, a consumer electronics company owned by rapper 50 Cent, has now launched a range of official Star Wars-themed on-ear headphones.

To ensure maximum publicity, the company decided to unveil the range on May 4th - better known to millions as Star Wars day.

Fans will be treated to four new designs which will feature distinct logos and styling. The list includes Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, Empire and Rebel Alliance themes.

The elegant and distinct logos on the outside of the earcups are bound to catch the attention of anyone who lays eyes on the headphones.

Star Wars Headphones 50 cnet sms audio

Those of you who are lucky enough to pick up the first edition pack will be treated to a Star Wars-branded carry case, removable cable with a three-click microphone, a useful soft-touch cleaning cloth, 12x18 poster, a set of stickers and an owner manual, all of which will be designed to stay in line with the chosen theme.

Currently, these headphones are retailing at a price of £169.99 at SMS Audio.

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