Developers Capcom have announced upgrades and new characters for the next version of Street Fighter 4. The new features will debut at the 2013 Evolution Fighting Game Championships (EVO) 2013.

The new characters are Poison, Rolento, Hugo and Elena, with a fifth expected; this character will reportedly be completely new to the Street Fighter franchise. The game, according to Game Rant, will be available on the PC, the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

"I'm personally excited to be able to use Rolento in SF4," Peter Rosas, a Capcom senior community specialist and former professional player, said, "Yes, he was in SFxT, but SF4 and SFxT play very differently, so it'll be a treat to use him against Seth, Hakan, and others that are not in SFxT."

Street Fighter 4 (Courtesy:
Street Fighter 4 (Courtesy:

Pricing will depend on whether gamers already have a copy of Street Fighter 4 (the upgrade will then cost $14.99). If you do not, then expect to pay the full $39.99. Capcom's official blog says the pack should be available early next year but that has yet to be confirmed.

According to GameSpot, details (and a trailer) will be revealed before the Super Street Fighter IV: AE final [at EVO 2013] at 6.30pm PDT on Sunday evening; this converts to 2.30am BST on Monday morning.

Meanwhile, the official blog post reveals some of the upgrades and improvements for other characters in Street Fighter 4:

Upgrades for Chun Li

    • Health increased to 950
    • EX Kikoken knockdown on impact
    • EX Hazanshu armour break

Upgrades for Balrog

    • Dirty Bull attack has increased range
    • Buffalo head move has reduced recovery
    • Lower recharge time for higher levels of Turn Around Punch
Street Fighter 4 (Courtesy:
Street Fighter 4 (Courtesy:

Upgrades for Dudley

    • Short Swing Blow to be more powerful
    • Increased damage on all target combos
    • Overall powerful boxing attacks

Upgrades for T Hawk

    • Crouching middle kick enhanced
    • Faster walk speed
    • Improvements to Ultra 2 move