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Weather warnings were place across large parts of the UK Reuters

Rain, wind and flooding swept large parts of the UK this week as Britons bid farewell to summer. People in the Duston suburb of Northampton were even greeted by a tornado on 14 September, with many taking to Twitter to post images and videos of the deadly looking phenomena.

While other parts of the country were not witness to something as dramatic as that, most places have been shrouded by dark clouds and gloomy weather, reminding everyone that our Indian summer is definitely over. The Met Office has also warned that the bad weather could be the start of a harsh winter, with 2015 anticipated to be the worst in 50 years as a result of the changing El Niño.

Until then, the rest of the week sees rain and wind predicted for most areas. Wednesday (16 September) will give northern regions a break from the rain, with even the possibility of sunny spells. However, the outlook for south and central Britain does not look as bright, with heavy rain and strong winds expected at intervals throughout the day.

Wind and rain battle against sunny intervals throughout Thursday (17 September), with scattered showers due to leave most pondering over what to wear before they head out to face the day. While you may have the chance to run out into the brief sunshine at times, we would recommend carrying an umbrella so you are prepared when the rain comes down again.

Fear not, as life becomes less confusing for everyone on Friday (18 September) with showers becoming heavy and consistent. However, Friday's misery will be made up for over the weekend as the rain clouds clear for most parts of the UK and spells of sunshine could give you the chance to enjoy your weekend outdoors – before the clouds return on Monday.

As a general outlook, the next month is set to be typically British, with wind, rain and sunny spells taking their turns on the centre stage. The north-west-south-east divide is due to continue, with the most "frequent and persistent" outbreaks of rain and strong winds to dominate in the north west of the country. It is not all gloomy, though, with some "drier and brighter periods" to be expected across the country. The best of the weather will be seen in the southern and eastern areas, where temperatures are expected to be close to the average.