Super Bowl is the time of super commercials. With a 30 second ad costing up to $3million, ad agencies are giving their best shot. The latest update on the ad scenario is that the X-Factor winner, Melanie Amaro, has teamed up with Elton John in a new Pepsi commercial. The 19-year-old joined Elton John in making a 60s commercial.

The ad begins with Elton John playing the role of a king with his subjects watching him decide if the contestants are good entertainers or not. The merciless king throws the contestant to the dungeon if he is not satisfied with them and says, " No Pepsi for you."
The scene changes when Melanie comes to the court and sings wonderfully pleasing the audience and the king. She also offers free drinks to onlookers. The king, impressed by her singing, goes towards her offering a Pepsi can. But she takes the can, takes the Golden Goblet and hits the lever that makes Elton go down to the dungeon.

What more can you ask for when Elton John appears as the king?

Elton did not try restraining himself from controversies. At a suitable opportunity, he is said to have gotten back at his former rival, Madonna, saying that she ought to "lip-synch" good this time.