Syrian bomb blast
File Picture - Al-Qaida Joins Anti-Assad Uprising, Says Iraq REUTERS/SANA/Handout

Al-Qaida militants have entered the force against the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and is responsible for recent violence taking place in the country, says Iraq.

According to the Iraqi foreign minister Hoshyar Zebari, there were ample evidences for the al-Qaida influx in Syria.

"We have solid information and intelligence that members of al-Qaida's terrorist network have gone to Syria," the Associated Press quoted Zebari as saying in a press conference on Thursday.

"Most of the suicide bombers, foreign fighters, elements of al-Qaida used to slip into Iraq from Syria. So they know the routes and the connections," Zebari added.

Even though the foreign minister did not substantiate the evidence, he added that his main concern is "extremist, terrorist groups taking root in neighbouring countries."

Iraq is worried about its own peace and security, if the militant group gets a strong footing in its neighbour Syria.

Previously UN chief Ban Ki-Moon pointed fingers at al-Qaida militants for few suicide bombings that took place in Damascus in May.

Although the opposition forces did not approve of any such links with the Islamic militant organisation, al-Qaida related group al-Nusra claimed responsibility for attacks in the past.

If al-Qaida's presence in the Syrian soil is proved, the armed conflict between the Syrian regime and the anti-regime forces would further be complicated.

Meanwhile, the head of the UN monitors in Syria General Robert Mood said the violence has reached an "unprecedented level" indicating no respite for the bloodshed in Syria.

The Friends of Syria is also holding a crucial meeting on Friday in Paris where representatives of around 100 countries are taking part except the key allies Russia and China.

In his opening remarks, the French President Francois Hollande started off by saying, "Bashar al-Assad must go. It's in the interest of Syria, of its neighbours and everybody who wants peace in the region," reported Reuters.

Hollande also added that the conflict in Syria is not only a threat for the region but also a serious threat for world peace.

In another huge blow to the Syrian president, latest reports suggest that one of his inner circles, Brig. General Manaf Tlass, defected and fled to Turkey abandoning Assad.