Violence intensifies in Syria as the Free Syrian Army has claimed responsibility for the twin blasts that targeted security buildings in Aleppo, Syria's commercial hub.

France 24 reported that Colonel Arif Hamood of the Free Syrian Army claimed responsibility for the two blasts that targeted military and security buildings in the city.

The FSA is made up of army deserters who left the regime to join the armed opposition struggle.

State TV blamed "terrorists "for the blasts" and showed footages taken outside the compound of the Military Intelligence Directorate, which was hit by one of the explosions.

The TV report showed graphic images of at least five bodies. The streets were also filled with debris and some of the buildings had their windows shattered.

No emergency vehicles or ambulances were at the scene but earth-moving equipment was seen clearing the rubble.

The report's presenter claimed the blast went off near a park where children were playing. He said many had died as a result of the attack. The TV footage did not show children bodies.

The second blast targeted the headquarters of a police force. The health Ministry said at least 25 people died and up to 175 were injured.

The FSA claim will come as a surprise for many anti-government activists who had earlier on blamed the government for the attacks.

In a separate development, the besieged city of Homs entered its six day of violence. The regime's forces made their first ground-move and captured the neighbourhood of Inshaat.