Emirati authorities cancelled dozens of Syrian's residency permits of individuals who joined protests against the Syrian government.

The Arab League might be leading efforts to bring the Syrian crisis to an end but Opposition sources told CNN that 60 Syrians who had taking part in anti-Assad protests in the UAE have had their residency permit cancelled.

The residency permits were withdrawn following a 2,000-people strong protest in front of the Syrian consulate in Dubai on February 10.

Authorities complained they had not granted demonstrators permit to protest. Dubai police said they asked the protesters to leave but many refused to stop the demonstration.

The Syrians have now reportedly until February 29 to leave the UAE.

The source added that after being made aware of the residency permits withdrawals, the Syrian national Council (SNC) had been in direct contact with the UAE's foreign ministry.

Despite authorities promising the SNC that the protester's residency permits would be reinstated more than a week ago, the source added that nothing has yet happened.

A UAE official said the number of Syrian affected was lower than 60 and added the move's aim was "not to deport them or to send them to Syria. It was to give them the option to go anywhere they wish."