Taiwanese man dies playing video games at internet cafe for 23 hours
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A Taiwanese man has died after playing video games at an internet cafe for 23 hours - although nobody noticed until nine hours later.

Police said the corpse of the 23-year-old was discovered by a waitress at the cafe in Taipei. Dozens of patrons had been gaming near him for hours and had not known he was dead.

According to the initial police investigation, the dead man, who has not been named, was sitting upright with his hands stretched out towards the keyboard. He may have died of a cardiac arrest triggered by a combination of fatigue, inertia and low temperatures, said detectives.

Employees said they did not raise the alarm because he had occasionally paused to take a nap during his 23-hour session.

The waitress who found him said she last saw him alive talking on the phone around midday, more than 12 hours after he arrived.