Gone are the days when the Internet and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter used to be flooded with the latest images of planking, owling or horsemaning. Meet the new internet craze - Tebowing which has captured the entire world from London to New York in frenzy.

The craze has reportedly been inspired by American football player, Tim Tebow, as the particular position is his "signature style."

The position involves getting down on one knee, placing one's elbow on the knee and fist against the forehead, similar to a prayer or Thinker's pose.

It was reportedly Jared Kleinstein, 24, a native from Denver currently staying in New York, who first initiated the meme by creating the first Tebowing image and posted it online to his Facebook account. After receiving many likes for the image, he created a Tumblr blog dedicated to showcasing pictures and then later purchased the domain Tebowing.com.

Within a few hours, the site was visited by thousands of people across the globe leading to the term Tebowing going viral.

According to the official Tebowing site, the term refers to getting down on a "knee and start praying, even if everyone around you is doing something completely different."

Following this, photos of regular people mimicking this position have gone viral online. Take a look at the weirdest images of Tebowing in the slideshow given: