Television presenter Tessa Dunlop has spoken out against the anti-immigration messages coming from various media outlets and parties such as Ukip, saying that migration from Romania and Bulgaria next year will be good for Britain.

Both parts of the press and Prime Minister David Cameron have raised fears over a so-called wave of migrants arriving from Romania and Bulgaria next year when labour movement restrictions our lifted on the two EU countries in January 2014.

Dunlop, a Romanian expert and author of the book To Romania With Love, told IB Times UK in an exclusive video interview that despite fears raised of Roma Gypsies arriving, "To judge Romania and Bulgaria solely on their minority is an extraordinary distortion." She added that, "The majority of Romanians are Caucasian Europeans and they are educated people."

Dunlop argues this brain drain from the country will be "Our gain, their loss," and with the influx of essential skilled workers coming to the country, "Britain is the winner."

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