Marijuana has been the subject of many debates mostly due to conflicting opinions about its use. Thailand has made it legal and a number of its restaurants are betting on local and foreign tourists' curiosity about how it could taste when added to food.

Reuters reported how a Thai restaurant is serving some unique cannabis-infused dishes that can make their patrons "feel happy." Among the most popular dishes that they have are the "joyfully dancing salad" and "giggling bread." Cannabis has been legalised in the Southeast Asian country and many locals are obviously trying to make the most out of it.

The restaurant is located at the Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital in Prachin Buri. Their patrons started enjoying their cannabis-infused meals just this month. Patrons can choose from a host of sumptuous dishes infused with cannabis.

Those who love pork can try the deep-fried bread topped with pork and a cannabis leaf. There is also a meal of crispy cannabis leaves served with chopped vegetables and ground pork.

The cannabis plant used to be listed as a narcotic in the country, prohibiting its cultivation. However, when authorities de-listed it, state-authorised establishments were given the green light to seek cultivation.

In 2017, Thailand legalised cannabis for medicinal purposes, prompting the opening of a number of medical marijuana clinics, reported Jakarta Post. The Abhaibhubejhr Hospital has been considered as a pioneer in the said country when it comes to studying marijuana for medicinal purposes, particularly to help relieve fatigue and pain.

Dr Pakakrong Kwankao, head pharmacist at Abhaibhubejhr's Center of Evidence-Based Thai Traditional and Herbal Medicines and the project leader on the cannabis-infused menu, noted that the leaves of cannabis, when included in food, even if it would just be a small amount, can help patients to recover faster.

"Cannabis leaves, when put in the food or even a small will help the patient to recover faster from the illness," said Dr Kwankao.

She also added that it helps patients' appetite and could even help them enjoy a good night's sleep. Those who are dealing with emotional disturbances may also benefit from it as the plant is known to induce good mood.

Kanokwan Vilawan, the deputy education minister of Thailand said that the next step would be for them to offer Thai dishes, enhanced with more cannabis, that could reach an international audience. One of the dishes that was mentioned was the green curry.

Thai restaurant serving cannabis-infused dishes Photo: Pixabay