This week on the Apprentice the candidates, beloved across the nation as they are, were given the task of branding and marketing a new cleaning product.

Alex Epstein, the alleged maverick, took charge of one of the teams, while ex-sniper Christopher Farrell assumed command of the other.

Of the two Alex had the most to prove after a narrow escape from the boardroom last week in which he was described as "useless" by Lord Sugar. By contrast Chris has been much praised for his military efficiency in previous tasks, but had yet to prove if he could lead and be not just an Oddjob, but a Goldfinger too.

From the beginning Chris' team appeared to be the more alert, getting the brand name for their product (Octo-clean) well before Alex's lot had come up with the "Germ-o-nator".

The real fun however began when the team started making their adverts for the products. Now, one has to say that neither advert was a patch on Howard Brown (aka the Man from Halifax), or even Michael Winner, but I have to say that the Octo-clean radio ad was pretty good. By contrast I can well imagine hearing the "Germ-o-nator" ad and thinking 'Ok, it's time to turn off Classic FM again'.

The TV adverts however were another matter. The "Germ-o-nator" was unmemorable but the Octo-clean based product managed to be both cringe-making and funny at the same time. More than that it revealed once again the slightly seedy (cheeky might be more charitable) character of our strapping ex-sniper Chris.

Chris nobly put himself forward to act as the husband in the advert and carefully selected his on-screen wife, who desperately wanted a fast acting cleaning product so she could quickly snuggle up to Chris.

This is the same Chris we must remember who tried to find a bikini "with tassels" for his fellow contestant Stella English in the beachwear task.

Chris wasn't the only one to have his noble character questioned however as Lord Sugar's own aide Nick Hewer became the butt of jokes for the second week running from his boss. Last week Lord Sugar mentioned how Stella (while wearing a very short dress and waving at people from a shop-window) reminded Nick of "his travels in Amsterdam", while this week Chris' advert was described as being reminiscent of "one of your friend's midnight movie DVD's, Nick".

Nevertheless the shiny orange "Octo-clean" beat the black and red weedkiller-like "Germ-o-nator", leaving Alex vulnerable in the boardroom.

Despite Laura Moore having something of bust up with Alex in the boardroom, Alex brought in Chris Bates and Sandeesh Samra. This immediately aroused Lord Sugar's suspicions: given that both Sandeesh and Alex very nearly got fired last week; that Alex was attempting to bring in a person who had performed relatively well in the task, but might still get fired (rather than himself) due to her past performance.

Alex, who usually and commendably it must be said, tries to be a polite and decent fellow become unusually aggressive with his two comrades in the boardroom and started to resemble the departed Paloma, who unfairly blasted him just one week previously.

This, alas, did not impress Lord Sugar and Alex found himself fired just as Paloma did. He did however leave saying he was pleased to meet not just Lord Sugar, but his aides Karen and Nick as well. This prompted the trio to comment that he was a decent bloke, despite his business shortcomings. How refreshing it was though to see someone try to show politeness and grace in the face of defeat, especially after the petulant and shameful behaviour of Melissa Cohen two weeks back.