iPod nano used as spy camera in ATM
An iPod nano was found taped to the cash machine and used to spy on its users Great Manchester Police

Thieves in Manchester have used an iPod nano and its rear camera to spy on users of a cash machine.

The iPod nano, which has a small video camera on its back, was attached to the cash machine with duct tape and disguised using a plastic cover to make it look like part of the ATM's front fascia.

Combined with a card reader, the device was positioned to record users entering their PIN; this could then be paired with data collected from cards by the thieves' reader to create duplicate cards.

Released in 2009, the fifth-generation iPod nano was the first and only nano to feature an integrated video camera which shoots VGA quality video at 640 x 480 resolution with audio, but cannot take photographs. This model was also the last nano to feature Apple's iconic click wheel controls, as all models since use touch screens.

Police were called to the machine on Northenden Road in Gatley, Stockport on 8 January and have since tweeted photos of the device and cashpoint, along with a warning for ATM users to remain vigilant.

Great Manchester Police said: "From experience they tend to leave the device on for only a short time...we find most of them in the evening. They are usually placed near pubs and restaurants etc."

It isn't yet known if anyone fell victim to the device, but this incident serves as an important reminder to not use cash machines which look to have been interfered with.