Britons are mourning their beloved Queen who passed away at the age of 96 last Thursday. King Charles III declared a period of national mourning for the UK which will continue until the end of the day of her state funeral.

Additionally, the royal family will observe seven days of Royal Mourning after the Queen's funeral. People will not be able to do a number of things during this period since most of the major events have either been postponed or cancelled.

The Premier League and English Football League have both rescheduled last weekend's matches and some of the matches for the coming week. Arsenal's Europa League game scheduled to be held on Thursday evening has also been postponed.

The organisers of London Fashion Week have cancelled all parties, but the event will go on as planned on September 16. However, there are no rules that dictate that these events have to be cancelled after the monarch's death. All these cancellations are happening out of respect for the Queen.

British Cycling has "strongly recommended" that people do not take their bikes out on the day of the State Funeral and if they do so, they should do it outside of the timings of the funeral service.

Norwich City Council has even decided to close down a cycle rack. "Because of the royal period of mourning, you can't lock your bike to a cycle rack in Norwich," a Twitter user wrote along with the image of the notice put up by the council.

"If you leave your cycle here between these times it may be removed. We apologise for any inconvenience," the notice read.

Officials have asked people not to send any flowers to the location of the State Funeral, Royal Residences or government offices. The UK Met Office has also decided to only post daily forecasts and warnings as a mark of respect for the Queen.

Center Parcs, which had asked its guests to leave its sites on the day of the Queen's funeral, has now backtracked on its decision. Even though schools will remain open during this period, the Department for Education has recommended schools mark the occasion by "conducting special activities, holding assemblies or adapting planned lessons."

King Charles III has already approved a national bank holiday on the day of the Queen's state funeral, which will take place at 11:00 BST on Monday, September 19. It will be held at Westminster Abbey, per a BBC report.

Queen Elizabeth II
A mural tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on the unionist Shankill Road in Belfast has become a focus for mourning. Photo: AFP / PAUL FAITH AFP / PAUL FAITH