In a tragic incident reported from Bangladesh, three members of a British family died within the span of just one week from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning

A 20-year-old woman, Samira Islam, became the third member of the family to have died from suspected poisoning at their rented home in Sylhet, Bangladesh. She was found unconscious at their house by her relatives and was rushed to the hospital.

She was put on life support but could not be saved. The woman's 45-year-old mother and her second brother, Sadiqul, were also found unconscious. They were in critical condition, but have now been released from the hospital.

Her father, Rafiqul Islam, 51, and her 16-year-old brother, Mahiqul, also died from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning on Tuesday.

The two surviving members told the police that there was a faulty generator at the property they were staying at and that the generator was used on the night of the woman's death.

According to superintendent Farid Uddin, the generator was pumping out smoke when they went to the house to investigate the cause of the three deaths. "Our investigators are speaking with the relatives of the victims. So far, we don't think they have any enmity with anyone," he added.

The officer added that the family members may have suffocated to death due to all that toxic smoke. The probe into the case is still on. However, no arrests have been made yet.

The family, which hails from Cardiff, was on a two-month visit to Bangladesh when the tragedy struck. "The family were very well known in the community. They were very friendly; everybody knows them here. A very, very nice family," Mohammed Haroon, general secretary of the Bangladesh Association Cardiff, told the BBC.

Meanwhile, the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office is providing all kinds of help to the surviving members of the family, according to their spokesperson.

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