After playing Queen Elizabeth II, Dame Helen Mirren has tossed her hat into the ring to portray another high-profile, but somewhat controversial figure.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at the Hollywood Masters event, the Oscar-winning British actress said she could deliver a stellar performance as polarising President Donald Trump.

"I'd be so funny as Trump," she said. "I love it. I've almost got the hair! I mean what a fascinating character. What an extraordinary character. I mean that's a character isn't it, the real thing?"

She added: "I would say real life is so much more interesting than anything you can make up, you know. But you know, a fantastic sort of slightly Shakespearean character. He may have a Shakespearean fall, I don't know but you know, he is an extraordinary character."

The 72-year-old star joins the likes of Johnny Depp, Jimmy Fallon, Darrell Hammond who have also impersonated the US commander-in-chief. She later listed the attributes she would bring to the role.

"You look at the upbringing. You look at the schooling, the father, the mother," she explained. "I don't know much about Mr. Trump's background, but if I was to play him, I would definitely start there. You have to start with the child, and the child is very much in Trump."

Mirren must be keen to get the project off the ground because she previously pitched the idea of a series to Peter Morgan, the man behind The Crown. "When you've finished with the Queen of England, you ought to do the orangey-faced fellow," she suggested in February.

If she does want to step into Trump's shoes, she'd better get in line. Earlier this year Alec Baldwin confirmed plans to take his parody of president-elect, Donald Trump, beyond Saturday Night Live.

The 59-year-old star, whose sketch satirising Trump's presidential campaign, his administration and his erratic tweeting went down a storm with audiences.

"I'm gonna do ['Saturday Night Live'] as much as I can and there's discussions about other avenues we might pursue to further express our gratitude and admiration for the Trump administration," he told ABC.

Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren attends the 'The Leisure Seeker (Ella & John)' photocall during the 74th Venice Film Festival at Sala Casino on September 3, 2017 in Venice, Italy Getty