Kaley Cuoco and her animal-loving boyfriend Karl Cook have welcomed yet another member to their growing family of pets. The Big Bang Theory actress took to Instagram to announce the addition of furry little Oreo — a baby bunny, who Cuoco adopted after her latest trip to the horse show. And guess what... he is not alone.

Taking to the picture-sharing site, the 31-year-old actress teased her three million plus followers with a snap that is sure to melt hearts. With a grey-and-white rabbit cuddled in her arms, the Penny actress looks lovingly at the new member of the Cook family while posing for the lenses.

So apparently we come with newly adopted animals from every single horse show , and this one is no different 🤣 yes that’s a rabbit, yes Im holding it like a baby and yes there’s 2 more. And yes they are joining our family- meet Oreo, Daisy and of course Peter Rabbit 🐰 Iam obsessed. Adopt don’t shop even if it’s bunnies!!!!!

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In the photo caption, Cuoco further reveals – "there's 2 more [members]", Daisy and Peter Rabbit.

"So apparently we come with newly adopted animals from every single horse show, and this one is no different... yes that's a rabbit, yes I'm holding it like a baby and yes there's 2 more," the sitcom star shared alongside the adorable click.

An advocate of adoption, the actress added on a side note, "I am obsessed. Adopt don't shop even if it's bunnies!!!!!"

Her fans, on the other hand, couldn't be more proud of the actress for her relentless work for the animal community.

"@normancook the love you have for animals is inspirational!!! Thank you so much for all that you do for all animals," an Instagram user commented, clearly impressed with Cuoco's efforts.

A second fan wrote, "Love you guys for those kind and loving gestures. Keep doing what you are doing... this world needs such people. ADOPT DON'T SHOP! Many happy days together!"

"You're such a sweetheart for adopting," added another.

Fans also shared personal adoption tales in the comments section. "Gorgeous rabbit, I have two myself. Be careful how you hold them, this is quite stressful. Bunnies are so smart, have lots of fun learning their weird and wonderful personalities!" the comment read.

Apart from the rabbits, the two lovebirds have a brood of other pet animals, who regularly make it to the Instagram profiles of both Cuoco and Cook.