This is the GCSE biology exam that left thousands of students stumped, with many taking to social media to complain of 'unfair' and 'inappropriate' questions.

The one-hour test, seen by IBTimes UK, contains questions that require students to have basic knowledge of maths as well as biology, and includes a question about 'independent companies', which pupils said was more suited to a business studies exam.

Defending the questions, exam board AQA said in a statement: "Exams aren't meant to be easy and students are obviously going to tweet about that, but there was nothing wrong with this paper. We wish everyone the best of luck with the rest of their exams."

In addition, parents complained that there was a question about underage drinking on the test, which some felt was unsuitable.

But could you answer the questions below that students claim left them stumped?

Could you answer this question?

Students would need a basic understanding of maths in order to answer the above question about malaria infection.

AQA Biology exam
Students said the question was business studies and not science

This is the question that prompted the most complaints from parents and students, who said they had not expected to see a 'business studies' question in their biology exam.

AQA Biology test
The 'independent company' question left some students stumped

Parents also complained that students had been given a question about underage drinking on the test, which some deemed 'inappropriate'.

AQA Biology exam
Students complained they had to answer questions about teenage drinking

Students took to social media to complain about the one-hour test.

AQA bio test
Could you answer this question?