Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron draws brickbats and bouquets over Great Britain's policy on Libya. Reuters

This is the Prime Minister's statement on the London riots as reported by Joe Rennison on Twiiter.

PM on @SkyNews

PM: We will do everything necessary to restore order to britain's streets

PM: These are sickening scenes

PM: This is criminality, pure and simple and it has to be confronted and defeated

PM has "sympathy" with those affected by violence and for those who "live in fear" due to the riots

PM: Police officer have shown incredible bravery

PM calls for more police on streets. Increase from 6000 last night to 16000 tonight

PM: We will do everything we can to strengthen and assist those police forces

PM: People should expect to see many more arrests

PM: If you are old enough to commit these crimes then you are old enough to be punished for them

PM calls for people to "stand together" to rebuild the communities.

PM wants to recall parliament so that he can make a statement to

PM walks back inside, taking no question after statement