A Tibetan activists' group has released a Gangnam style parody video to make fun of China's leadership in the run-up to the China Communist Party's 18th Congress.

The video, a pastiche of the Korean star Psy's Gangnam style, features China's designated president Xi Jinping as "a dimwit, a big-headed oaf whose only response to Tibetans' growing resistance is to arrest, beat and torture protestors", Students for a Free Tibet said in a statement.

"We felt we needed to inject a little humour and hope into an otherwise terrifying situation," Tendor, a leading figure of the group, said.

"This video will be banned in China and Tibet but Beijing's censors cannot stop the truth from spreading: Xi Jinping, China's 5th generation leader will be the last to rule Tibet," reads the statement.

The video emerged after another Tibetan burned himself to death in China, the sixth in 48 hours, as Chinese ruling figures gathered to begin the leadership transition.

"It is confirmed that this is the sixth, that he has immolated, but we don't have details about his age or name," the spokesman for the Tibetan exile government Lobsang Choedak told AFP from the Indian town of Dharamshala.

Three teenage monks immolated in a Tibetan-inhabited area of Aba County in Sichuan province.

A 23-year-old woman was the fourth person to burn herself to death in the Huangnan prefecture of Qinghai province. A fifth case was reported in Tibet's Autonomous region.

"These protests are aimed at sending the next generation of China's unelected regime a clear signal that Tibetans will continue to fight for their freedom despite China's efforts to suppress and intimidate them," Stephanie Brigden, director of the Free Tibet campaign group said in a statement.