With stress levels getting higher due to so many restrictions, along with health woes brought about by the pandemic, people want to find out how stressed they really are. This may have been what propelled a now-viral TikTok challenge, which measures the stress levels of a person.

Many TikTok users are taking an online stress test and thereafter sharing their results as part of this viral challenge. As of Monday, the #15minutes4me hashtag already reached 1.4 million views. The hashtag shows tons of video clips where users provide the results of their depression, stress, and anxiety levels.

The viral TikTok challenge plays a song from British pop singer James Arthur, titled "Train Wreck." The line that is played repeatedly is "Pull me out" in between video transitions, all of which would show the results of the person.

TikTokkers would complete a free 26-question test at the website 15minutes4me.com. Videos are then put together after completing the questionnaire.

The website 15minutes4me.com is offering a "daily self-help program" that aims to help people in managing their burn-out, fatigue, anxiety, stress, and depression, but it is mainly the last three that are being measured.

After completing the test, the website would display three scales, with a total of 100 percent. The person's calculated depression, anxiety, and stress levels are gauged, giving users the idea of how stressed they are.

Out of the many TikTok users who joined in the challenge and shared their videos using the #15minutes4me hashtag, there were a lot of them who got a score higher than 50 percent in terms of stress levels. This coincides with the number of young people who are now facing mental health challenges.

What made 15minutes4me.com appealing is the fact that aside from measuring stress levels, they also offer tips on how to improve lives. Some of the tips provided were getting more sleep and even starting new habits.

Indeed, stress can wreak havoc not only on mental health but also on one's physical health. Chronic stress can lead to a range of illnesses like headaches and even cold. It can even increase one's risk of obesity. Addressing mental health issues at the earliest will certainly do everyone a lot of good.

Viral stress test on TikTok Photo: Pixabay