A timeline has been created to show how mankind, Earth and the Universe will eventually die out.

Created by BBC Future, the timeline is based on data from scientists and Nasa, with milestones of the future pinpointing key events ahead of us.

According to the map, all of our buildings, dams and bridges will have decayed and fallen away within 1,000 years – at the same time most words we know today will have ceased to exist due to the rapid evolution of languages. This is not difficult to imagine with the stream of acronyms constantly emerging and trying to get messages across in 140 characters.

It estimates that everything, including the universe, will have ceased to exist within 100 quintillion years. But looking ahead, there is worse in store than the extinction of everything. Here are some of the key events listed.

Greenland\'s ice sheet to disappear

2,000 years: The Greenland ice sheets will melt.

5,125 years: The next Mayan calendar ends – possibly bringing an end to the world, possibly not.

13,000 years: The Northern hemisphere will suffer from extreme weather as the Earth's axial tilt reverses.

20,000 years: The site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster will finally be safe.

50,000 years: Niagara Falls will have disappeared.

A supervolcano sits beneath Yellowstone Park Wiki Commons

100,000 years: A supervocano or climate altering asteroid will have caused a mass extinction event on Earth, wiping out most life. At this point, all laptops will have dissolved and all glass will have degraded.

10,000,000 years: The Red Sea will flood, dividing Africa and forming a new ocean.

50,000,000 years: Shifting continents cause Australia and Indonesia to merge.

250,000,000 years: All the continents will fuse, creating one giant supercontinent.

1,000,000,000 years: The Sun's luminosity increases causing all Earth's oceans to evaporate, leaving a hot lifeless rock.

Cockroaches will be some of the last life forms left on Earth

2,800,000,000 years: All life on Earth ceases to exist including cockroaches and bacteria.

5,400,000,000 years: The Sun will swell to become a red giant, consuming all nearby planets.

20,000,000,000 years: The universe expands causing all matter to be torn apart, making distances infinite.

110,000,000,000,000 years: All stars are now dead.

100,000,000,000,000,000,000 years: If it has not already been consumed by the Sun, Earth's orbit will decay and it will plunge into the sun and die.

BBC Future
BBC Future\'s timeline of events BBC Future