Hiking is a good workout you can do during your holiday break.

You've been working hard throughout the year to stay fit. You've been running once a week, going to the gym and playing a sport to lose weight or stay fit and healthy - why ruin it when you have a holiday approaching?

The answer to this is you don't have to. When going away, there are many ways to stay fit, alongside enjoying your break away. In the city, you can go to a local gym in the morning before going on excursions. If you are on a beach break, why not go for a morning swim in the sea or a run along the beachfront? Better yet, why not book an activity holiday like a walking holiday in Tuscany? This way, you get to see a new destination and also be active at the same time.

There is no reason you shouldn't be able to stay fit on holiday. Below, we look at three ways to get active during your breakaway.

Go On A Cycle Tour

If you plan to explore the area you are visiting, what better way to explore than on a cycle tour? Every city we have been to offers a cycle tour, which is the perfect way to be active simultaneously. Cycling is excellent for working out your leg muscles and burning calories. It's considered a low-impact activity and can be done no matter your ability. A cycling tour can often be booked before you go or on the day. You can hire bikes yourself or go on a tour with an expert who will share their local area knowledge.

Workout In The Morning

We get it, holidays are for relaxing and seeing the area you are in. Why not get up early for a day or two of your holiday and spend it working out? By going in the morning, you won't be taking up your sightseeing time, and it gets your exercise done before the day starts properly. Depending on the type of holiday you are going on, you could go for a run, a swim in the sea, do a home workout or visit your local gym - there are always options.

Book An Excursion That Involves Being Active

Every destination you visit will offer excursions to see the local area. Some excursions will involve wine tasting, trying different cuisines, seeing landmarks or getting active. Book an activity-based excursion if you are trying to stay fit on holiday. These activity-based excursions will vary depending on where you are but may include hiking in the mountains, kayaking on the lakes, or cycling tours (as mentioned above).

Are you planning on trying to stay fit on your holiday? Where are you going on holiday, and what excursions will you take? Have you got any tips for someone trying to keep fit on holiday? Let us know in the comment box below.